Manage voice, live chat, email, social media and SMS interactions through not seven, five or three, but ONE solution.


Serve customers better

Avoid having different agents managing the same customer on different channels, working on the same issue, providing two different answers!


Super-fast setup and deployment

Move your contact center to the cloud in as little as 24 hours. Be aware, this is a limited offer – delivered on a first come, first served basis.

Make it that much easier
to manage your customer interactions

We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step blueprint
and you’ll see shockingly improved results in no time.


True omnichannel

The contact center and every single touchpoint is joined together. Your agents will effortlessly move between channels, while your customers will not even notice a 1% change in service quality across platforms.


Speech-Enabled IVR

Allow customers to state their demands in plain language to the system without using a touch-tone menu. Let us help you build a self-service IVR system that wows your customers.


A telephone in your browser

No need for an external phone system. Simply plug in your headset to your computer and start answering calls!


Omnichannel smart-routing

Your customer can connect with you on any channel and Omnicus will recognize that customer, and route them to the best agent or support team.


Dashboard and Reports

With a single dashboard, access information in real-time, as well as historical metrics across every channel and customer service requests.


Contact Center AI

Provide your customers with an even better service with AI that talks, understands and interacts.

What people say about us

Image Image

“Today we have got one platform that handles all channels where our customers reach us and at the same time - through the reporting engine - we gain better insight into how to operate our customer service more efficiently”



“Today we have a platform where - combined with the chatbot solution - we automate 69% of the inquiries before, during and after the event”



Say goodbye to unhappy customers having to repeat the same issue to multiple agents. No more poorly integrated and only partially used solutions. Make time-wasting and customer frustration a thing of the past. Say hello to Omnicus.


Our Powerful API

Using our API, you have endless opportunities to leverage the platform after your preferences.

  • Create your own YellowPages, or fill out a more complete profile with data from your CRM system
  • Auto Reply to tickets that you know the answer to using your own knowledge base
  • Pull, analyze and update contact and conversation data from Omnicus
  • Get information from your other third party services, and get it displayed in Omnicus

We’ve got all the building blocks you need to grow and scale your operation.

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