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Free e-book: The Customer Knows Best And So Do You

Customer service is changing. Today’s customer demands instant response times and accurate information. The use of A.I. like chatbots is starting to become the norm. A plethora of self-service options are also becoming the norm. Automated systems prompt the customer for responses and guide the customer toward their solution. The cloud is the silent elephant in the room that is starting to become noticed. But here’s the best part: it’s all becoming as or more efficient than customer service solutions of yesteryear.

Keeping up isn’t enough, nor is being committed to customer service innovation. Your small business needs to stay ahead of the curve, and that’s done through education and an unwavering commitment to stay current. It’s not easy, but the proper route will lead to a powerful, effective contact center that minimizes churn and optimizes retention and new business. So how do you stay ahead of the curve and prosper? That’s what this ebook is about.

Within these pages, we will refresh your memory as to what makes a spectacular customer service interaction: that’s a soft skill. However, that skill needs to be perfect. Typically, companies start strong, but then they start to slack – and when that happens, everything else rolls downhill. Those soft skills of customer service are the solid foundation upon which your larger customer relationship model (CRM) will be built. From that foundation, we’ll add on detailed knowledge of what makes an effective cloud contact center. We will explore specifics, such as why a cloud contact center is objectively more cost effective and efficient (regardless of industry), why help desk integration is critical and why contact center security needs to be beefed up for all of this to work. Finally, we’ll inform and educate you on why omnichannel support is necessary, and how customer service will continue to change in the future.

The above information will paint a mental picture for you to reflect on when building your next contact center, or upgrading an existing one. It’s our sincere hope that this picture will instill within you the drive and industry knowledge necessary to thrive. We are confident that it will.

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Nicolas Mcauliff

Nicholas has a background in SaaS and customer service solutions. As a member of our writing team, he informs and educates others about a variety of smart contact center solutions and strategies.