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Ready to move the entire contact center to the home office

Good customer service becomes more important than ever when Norwegians' shopping habits change. The founder duo in Omnicus makes sure that customers like Maxbo are well prepared - whether the employees work in the office or from home.

Several industries need to adapt to the new digital habits of consumers. Chatbot’s and artificial intelligence have come to fruition, but a survey by Vonage shows that 75% of customers still want personalized customer service from something other than a robot when solving complex challenges.

At the same time, digitization and new tools are opening up so that problem solvers can help customers from other places than just the customer center.

Today, many companies are experiencing great demand from customers who prefer to communicate via telephone, email, and chat. Our service platform helps them with that - whether the employees work in the office or from home, says Eivind Jonassen, CEO, and co-founder of Omnicus.

He believes the companies that succeed in offering customers the same good service, regardless of the communication channel, will succeed when stores and companies offer customers the same good customer experience on several levels.

You need to pay attention when customer behavior changes. Companies that want to provide the most efficient customer service should also be prepared for completely new work patterns, either because employees need it or in crisis situations.

Up and running in a matter of seconds

One of their biggest customers, the retail chain Maxbo, recently got in touch when they wondered if customer service staff could do their work from home.

They wondered if more employees could operate their phones from their own home offices if needed. Fortunately, our platform is perfectly designed for that. After a quick phone call, they were up and running in a few seconds, says CTO of Omnicus and co-founder Glenn Larsen.

The Omnicus platform, which is based on automation and smart routing, ensures that a company’s various communication channels interact. It helps to strengthen customer service when multiple employees are dealing with the same customers in multiple channels. At the same time, their analytics tool allows companies to gather all customer insights in one place.

In Norway, the Maxbo retail chain has over 60 warehouses, professional departments, and logistics centers. As a leading player in the DYI sector, they rely on providing their clients with good guidance and useful advice through their customer center.

Now we have managed to arrange a home office for several of our employees, should the need arise, says Ane, sales and customer service manager at Maxbo.

More effective customer service

Before Maxbo started working with Omnicus, the retail chain used different vendors to handle customer service in various channels such as telephone, email, chat and social media. When organizing for employees to work from home offices, it’s especially useful that everything is gathered in one place, according to the Maxbo manager.

Today we have one platform that handles all channels where our customers reach us and at the same time - through the reporting engine - we gain better insight into how we can operate our customer service more effectively.

Are you interested in hearing more about how your business can effectively handle customer service in the time to come?

Get in touch with Eivind at ejonassen@omnicus.com or give him a call at +47 970 59 682.


Eivind Jonassen

Eivind is the co-founder and CEO of Omnicus. He is building Omnicus to help businesses optimize and streamline contact center operations through automation, and smart routing across messaging, voice & video.