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Free E-book: Improving the Customer Experience with AI

In the past, artificial intelligence has been portrayed as a dangerous and highly complex technology capable of overtaking humanity as a whole. A catalyst for fear, AI was negatively portrayed in a host of science fiction films, novels, and television shows. While there is some truth to this portrayal (devices utilizing AI can perform many human functions), artificial intelligence has its limitations, and a world ruled by sentient robot overlords may have its place in an exceptionally distant future.

Contrary to popular belief, AI is becoming a game changer in a seemingly unrelated industry – customer service. Companies striving to improve the customer experience and increase revenue have found numerous benefits in using AI to perform various tasks.

According to Gartner, a global business research and consulting firm specializing in technology, up to 85% of customer service interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. As AI becomes a pillar of the customer service industry, learning more about it and its limitations can be advantageous to all managers and customer-centric entrepreneurs.

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Eivind Jonassen

Eivind is Co-founder of Omnicus and the CEO. He believes that the ICT industry often make things unnecessarily complicated – and that's a good reason for doing something about it!