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Cost-effective customer service software that optimizes your budget

How much will it cost?

The key question for any startup.

Cost is a major concern for any startup or young business seeking a customer service solution. You know that you can’t cut corners when it comes to your customer service solution. You also have a budget. In fact, your budget is probably the main thing on your mind when making all decisions, from choosing the right customer service solution to hiring and building your team. It’s a difficult balancing act to get all the numbers right while finding cost-effective customer service software. Further, one misstep or failed investment can lead to irreversible damage to your rising company.

Thus, it pays to know where to start looking. Is it possible to gain both quality and affordability, offering your customers diverse, reliable service without breaking the bank?

Yes it is.

Companies no longer have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into equipment, IT personnel, separate software packages and property leasing. Today, they can utilize SaaS options which have matured to effectively parallel the same advantages of static call centers.

Here’s a quick refresher on just a few of the advantages of cloud-based contact centers:

1. Pay-per-plan

Rather than a single, upfront cost, cloud-based software allows you to pay as per your own plan and usage. That means you make the most efficient use of your budget.

2. Scalable

Many cloud-based contact centers offer you the option to upgrade or downgrade as you go. That means that an increase in your company size will not require the expensive leasing of additional, physical property.

3. Mobility

Cloud contact centers are not stuck in one physical place. For you, that means options. Natural disasters or weather in general is not as much of a concern. Further, you now have the ability to employ remote agents, if you choose.

It’s cheaper, too. Here’s a look at some facts and figures.

According to the 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report by Dimension Data, 89% of cloud users agree that the cloud has reduced costs. Further, 56.6% of those same users agree that the cloud allows them to pay for only what they use.

Finding a cost-effective solution for your customer service model is a priority. Luckily, you can couple that cost-effective solution with powerful results by using cloud-based contact center software. You gain all the advantages of static call centers while adding flexibility, mobility and a variety of support channels for your customers.


Nicolas Mcauliff

Nicholas has a background in SaaS and customer service solutions. As a member of our writing team, he informs and educates others about a variety of smart contact center solutions and strategies.