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Cloud-based customer service for the small business

We have covered the benefits of cloud-based contacts centers vs. call centers. We have also reviewed how the former is generally more cost-effective and mobile. Are there cases where a traditional call center model is better suited for certain companies? There certainly are. Large, multinational companies or corporations may have more to gain from expanding pre-existing call center models. Still, the advantages of cloud-based customer service for the small business, or SMB, are too great to ignore. This is especially true for the young entrepreneur or entrepreneurs with a vision on the horizon.

Let’s dive in and look at why that’s the case

Small businesses, especially startups, must consider the costs for setting up any customer service solution. After all other expenses, SMB’s will typically have little wiggle room. Thus, it pays to consider the most cost-effective options for your customer service solution. Cloud-based customer service is the perfect solution for the SMB. Combining efficiency and the perfect interface for customer satisfaction, the cloud-based contact center offers the advantages of the cloud at a lower cost. From VoIP tools to analytics tools, various resources now exist (and are growing with the popularity of the cloud) which allow the SMB to customize their customer service solution. In years past, this was not the case. It was difficult, if not impossible, for a small business to acquire their preferred tools and “build” their contact center. Therefore, the entire industry was more tailored for large companies and corporations.

Achieving the right balance is vital for the SMB. Again, this is much easier for larger companies and corporations, and often just a natural progression. As we’ve discussed, costs and manpower are a far greater concern for the small business, and usually a limiting factor. One option is to limit yourself – that is – offer only one or two channels of support to reduce employee headcount and IT infrastructure costs. Research from the SMB Group shows us that most SMB’s do not have the resources or struggle to acquire the resources needed for an adequate IT presence. Still, that same research shows us that the clear majority of today’s SMB’s are relying on at least one form of cloud service interface. Based on this trend, we can expect the reliance on the cloud to naturally progress, as it is clearly being utilized as a mainstream SMB solution.

What’s the cost?

If you opt to cut corners, your customer service will come at a cost too, as you will be offering the customer less options for support. This will directly impact your profits and CRM. That’s something we want to avoid. What the SMB needs to strive for is all the advantages of a large operation, namely omni-channel support, mobility and ticket handling. Don’t cut corners on these vital aspects in order to save costs. Today, you have options. Any small business can use a cloud-based solution to hit the ground running, and keep the momentum going.

The small business needs flexibility. It needs an infrastructure that offers security, storage, mobility and omni-channel support for a reasonable price. Fortunately, the SMB now has those options.


Nicolas Mcauliff

Nicholas has a background in SaaS and customer service solutions. As a member of our writing team, he informs and educates others about a variety of smart contact center solutions and strategies.