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Omnicus manages voice, Live chat, email, social media and SMS interactions, in one unified interface.

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A cloud-based contact center that connect 
with customers on any channel

Unify the customer service experience across messaging, voice & video and eliminate a fragmented experience for your support agents and your customers.​
PSTN voice in 100+ countries
Live chat
Facebook Messenger
Facebook - coming soon
Twitter - coming soon
Youtube - coming soon
Video chat

Realtime and historical data at your fingertips

Monitor and manage your contact center with Omnicus Analytics.

Omnicus provides critical data to improve agent performance and efficiently distribute tasks across your contact center.

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A virtual assistant powered by machine learning

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Give your customers new ways to interact with your company by enabling a text-based conversational interface, such as a virtual assistant, powered by AI.

Connect with customers on your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, or other popular platforms and devices.

Take action automatically based on input and handoff interactions to agents while maintaining conversational context.

Powerful integrations with your 
backend systems


Sync your customer data from Shopify to Omnicus.

Get current orders and shopping history when customers contact you.


Get richer customer intelligence and order reporting when you sync Omnicus with Salesforce.

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Custom Integration

You can decide which data Omnicus should look up in your own backend systems.

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The founders

A Norwegian company with a strong backbone. Experienced entrepreneurs with a successful track record. 
Broad experience, strong relations base and potential customer pool.


Eivind Jonassen

Co-founder & CEO


Glenn Larsen

Co-founder & CTO

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Omnicus AS
VAT: 917 259 666
c/o Spaces Kvadraturen,
Tollbugata 8,
0152 Oslo, Norway



General Manager, Coworx

The fact that everyone involved has an overview of all incoming mail and that everyone has the opportunity to see which ones are answered, and not least what's been answered - makes it all a lot easier. Omnicus' shared inbox works great for us and it’s something we will continue to use going forward.



Customer Success, Protekt IT

We are so pleased with using a shared inbox from Omnicus after we’ve moved sales@, support@, etc to a shared inbox. In short, Omnicus added our support staff a significant qualitative boost through full overview and highly effective interaction.

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