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Manage voice, live chat, email, social media and SMS interactions in one unified interface


Flexible reports


Real-time performance


Streamline all inquiries with our
smart-routing engine


Use AI-assisted technology to
support your agents

Poor customer service is costing businesses more than
 75 billion dollars a year. That’s about reasons to switch things up. Now, ask yourself:

  • Do your agents always have access to the right customer information at the right time?
  • Are your customers getting a consistent experience
    across all channels?
  • Does your team have access to the complete customer
    history across different channels?
  • Does all the data you collect lead to any
    actionable insights?
  • Are you losing business because of poor service

We can help you with that.
And lots more.

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What people say about us

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“I simply love how we now have all the information about what our customers want, require, and need, available through the solution provided for us by Omnicus. It has given us just the tool we needed to provide market-leading customer service and experience."



“Today we have a platform where - combined with the chatbot solution - we automate 69% of the inquiries before, during and after the event”



Say goodbye to unhappy customers having to repeat the same issue to multiple agents. No more poorly integrated and only partially used solutions. Make time-wasting and customer frustration a thing of the past. Say hello to Omnicus.

Real-time and historical data at
 your fingertips

Monitor and manage your contact center with Omnicus Analytics.

In seconds, receive critical data to improve agent performance and efficiently distribute
tasks across your contact center.

Solve issues of all sizes and gain valuable insights with endless possibilities to create flexible,
customised reports.

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Elevate the customer experience with AI that talks, understands and interacts

On top of everything else, our platform helps you to combine the capabilities of your human agents with our AI technology powered by Google.

That means you get access to their Contact Center AI ‒ “an artificial intelligence that converses naturally with customers and expertly assists human agents on more complex cases.

The result? Increased operational efficiency and personalized, intuitive customer care from the first “hello”.

The Contact Center AI takes action automatically based on input and hands off interactions to human agents without losing conversational context. Simple, easy and faster than you can say “we should definitely have that”.

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Our Powerful API

Using our API, you have endless opportunities to leverage the platform after your preferences.

  • Create your own YellowPages, or fill out a more complete profile with data from your CRM system
  • Auto Reply to tickets that you know the answer to using your own knowledge base
  • Pull, analyze and update contact and conversation data from Omnicus
  • Get information from your other third party services, and get it displayed in Omnicus

We’ve got all the building blocks you need to grow and scale your operation.

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We offer service with a personal touch to our clients, because we believe happy customers are loyal customers. Together, we establish your company’s goals and give you the necessary follow-up to reach them.

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