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Our products are bespoke tailored for each and every customer - including tailored support.

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We design, develop and refine products based on insights and feedback from real users.

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Smart Switchboard

For whom it is?

The single switchboard application you need to answer incoming calls to your business in the most efficient and convenient way possible.


Mode management

Close you business in a single click

Effortlessly manage how your business operates with a help of switchboard modes at your fingertips.


Address book

All of your contacts always up-to-date

Search and filter your address book records. Easily call, transfer call or write SMS to your contacts.


Time control

Take control of how and when your business operates

Define your business hours, lunch, special days and what should happen when your customers call in a familiar user interface.


Call history

Never miss a single call

All in one place, at your fingertips - list of missed, rejected, failed, answered and outgoing calls - from queue or private - with filters.


My page

Only what’s relevant to you

Make and manage calls effortlessly. Your contacts, your call history - at your fingertips.

Omnichannel Contact Center

For whom it is?

The single routing application you need to handle all interactions and channels across the contact center's operations.


Omnichannel communication

True omnichannel experience

Customer-centric, consistent voice, live chat, email, social media and SMS interactions in one unified interface.


Smart omnichannel routing

Serve customers better

Avoid having different agents managing the same customer on different channels, working on the same issue, providing two different answers.


Smart workflow

AI assisted agent workflow

AI helps your agents to excel by doing all the hard work for them.

Call / matter classification, speech-to-text / text-to-speech conversion and assist are only a few of many more features available at your fingertips.


Speech-Enabled IVR

Simplified way for your customers to contact you

Allow customers to state their demands in plain language to the system without using a touch-tone menu. Let us help you build a self-service IVR system that wows your customers.


A telephone in your browser

Less devices - less hassle

No need for an external phone system. Simply plug in your headset to your computer and start answering calls!


Dashboard and Reports

No stone left unturned

With a single dashboard, access information in real-time, as well as historical metrics across every channel and customer service requests.

Customer feedback


Carine Tobiassen

In the fast-paced world of digital communication, our online reception services are crucial for connecting with customers. Since our launch in 2021, Omnicus has been an essential partner. Their innovative telephone solutions empower us to handle client calls with unmatched professionalism and superior service quality.

Each week, we efficiently manage 300-500 client calls. Thanks to Omnicus, our team expertly navigates call logistics—identifying the right client calls, managing callbacks, monitoring wait times, and tracking caller histories. This streamlined process ensures no detail is overlooked.

Moreover, Omnicus provides us with detailed analytics that enrich our understanding of customer interactions. This valuable insight allows us to continuously refine our services, ensuring that we always deliver enhanced value to our clients.

We wholeheartedly endorse Omnicus for anyone looking to elevate their customer communication capabilities. Join us in redefining service excellence with Omnicus at your side.

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